Erika Kremeike

Trademark and Design Attorney


  • Legal translator German
  • Native speaker German
  • Pharmacy
  • Licenses for veterinary medicines
  • Benelux, European, International Trademark Rights
  • Benelux, European, International Design Rights
  • License Agreements
  • Coexistence Agreements
  • Litigation – Oppositions


With Erika, brands and models go hand in hand. Her personal qualities are characterized as social, creative and reliable.


She was born in Germany and moved to the Netherlands at a young age. A college education as a translator for German and French was therefore the obvious choice. After first working as a sworn legal interpreter and translator at an Eindhoven law firm, her interest in intellectual property law was awakened at that same office and she worked for a while as a paralegal at the Intellectual Property Section.


The knowledge and experience gained came in handy when she later became the head of the trademark and patent administration at Philips. Erika then worked for a number of years at a pharmaceutical company where she was mainly concerned with the formalities surrounding obtaining authorizations for veterinary medicines, but also with the registration of product names and trademark registration. She also trained as a pharmaceutical professional.


However, the love for the trademark profession continued to attract and since 2018 she has been working at LIOC in the Trademarks and Designs department and is fully involved in national and international trademark and design procedures. She takes care of, among other things, trademark searches, filing of trademark and design applications, renewal of rights and trademark monitoring.


She is currently following the professional training to become a Trademark and Design Attorney, which means that in the future she will be able to bear the Certified Trademark and Design Attorney.


If you ask Erika what she likes about this profession, she answers: “You see a product grow, you follow the evolution of a brand, until it goes its own way. I think it’s great that I can guide a brand or product along that path.” Erika Kremeike.


T +31(0) 40 303 21 48