About us

Who are we?

Have you come up with an idea that could be worth its weight in gold? Are you uncertain as to whether your invention or design has been adequately protected? Regardless of your wishes regarding intellectual property, Lioc is definitely the right place to be. We focus on a broad range of IP protection regimes and can offer expert advice on patent- and trademark issues within and outside Europe, enabling us to support and advise you on a global basis.

LIOC is an international patent-, trademark- and design firm. Since our establishment in 1980 we have been involved in the filing, prosecution and registration of intellectual property and everything that goes along with it.  We conduct searches, handle prosecution matters, offer intellectual property watch and dispute mediation services, as well as provide support during legal proceedings, in particular concerning patents, trademarks and designs. We provide legal advice on  any ideas you may have concerning innovative products and inventions, new brand names and unique designs.

We are lucky to be working with a team of passionate and loyal professionals. We are aware that your intellectual property is a vulnerable asset and that success or failure may well depend on getting the right protection. With this knowledge comes great responsibility. All your affairs are handled with absolute confidentiality and the utmost care to ensure non-disclosure.