Ayolt Jilderda

Patent Attorney / CEO


  • Medical Sciences
  • Life Science
  • Chemical technology
  • Biotechnology
  • Supplemental Protection Certificate (ABC)
  • Physics
  • mechanical engineering
  • Unitary Patent
  • License Agreement
  • Litigation – Opposition
  • European Patent Litigator


Ayolt always approaches things from a positive side and with a winning mentality. His personal qualities are characterized as innovative, creative and enterprising.


He studied Physics, Chemistry and Law at the University of Leiden. After his studies he started working as a patent attorney at Philips in 1986 and four years later he qualified as a European Patent Attorney.


After working for more than seven years in various fields ranging from semiconductor technology to displays and electronics, he became a partner of Patent Office LIOC (now LIOC Patents & Trademarks) in 1993. Since then, he has covered a wide range of technical fields ranging from life sciences and medical devices, to mechanics, packaging and software-related inventions, both within patent application processes and legal proceedings.


Ayolt not only has broad technical insight, but is also very creative with language and arguments, which means that he is able to convince a patent council time and again with sharp arguments. He also uses this creativity by thinking along with clients about alternative solutions so that they will also fall under the scope of protection of a patent.


In 2019, he qualified as a European Patent Litigator so that he can represent clients before the Unified Patent Court (UPC) once the UPC treaty comes into force. In addition to being a Patent Attorney, Ayolt is also General Manager of LIOC.

If you ask which patent, brand or model Ayolt likes best, he invariably answers: “I hold every idea or patent equally”, “I like to remove threats for clients, that’s the best part of my job”. Ayolt Jilderda.


+31(0) 40 303 21 48

MAIL: info@lioc.nl