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Did you know… Companies with an IP portfolio perform better

Ilona Heldens

Ilona Heldens

A recent study by the European Trademark Office and the European Patent Office confirms that companies with an IP portfolio perform much better than companies without? Most notably, SMEs with established brands, models and / or patents even achieve a higher turnover of 68%! This while it has turned out that less than 9% of SMEs have registered any IP right. So there is still great potential here.

The survey examined 127,000 companies, in all 28 EU Member States. We looked at 3 different IP rights, namely patents, designs and trade marks. The study isolated the effect of IP rights ownership from factors such as company size, country and sector. The most important indicators for measuring company performance are turnover per employee and the salary of the employees. One of the most important findings from the study is that companies with IP rights have a 55% higher turnover per employee than companies without IP rights. It is striking that SMEs even generate 68% higher turnover per employee.

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