Judith van Gessel

Finance & HR Officer

LIOC_OnsTeam_Judith van Gessel


  • Human Resource Management
  • Finance
  • Operational management


With Judith, the glass is always half full. Her personal qualities are characterized by positivity and result orientation.


Judith has a broad background and interests. After her nursing education in 1999, she made the switch to a business education and worked for almost 10 years as an operational manager at a commercial company.


In 2013, Judith decided to move from Gelderland to cozy Brabant. Fascinated by the creativity of entrepreneurs and the legal nature of a Patent, Trademark and Design Agency, she joined the LIOC team.


She has now been working at LIOC since 2013, first in the position of Executive Assistant & HR, later the focus has shifted to her area of ​​interest, Finance & HR. She has an active role in quality and improvement, administration and monitoring the financial processes. She is also responsible for supporting, advising and facilitating the primary process within Human Resource.


Entrepreneurial as she is, she is currently following the Human Resource Management course.


If you ask which invention Judith finds special, it is: “The recess in the biscuit, very handy, it is a good example of my motto: there are no problems, only challenges”. Judith van Gessel.


+31(0) 40 303 21 48

MAIL: info@lioc.nl