Marjo van Doormalen

Financial manager

LIOC_OnsTeam_Marjo van Doormalen


  • Register accountancy
  • Business economics
  • Financial management


Marjo is involved and has an eye for the entrepreneur. Her personal qualities are characterized as result-oriented and enterprising.


She completed the study HEAO Business Economics and then followed the study to become a Registered Accountant. She is very enterprising and independent and has more than 20 years of experience in her own practice.


She started her career at an accountancy firm where she gained 10 years of work experience. She then held an ad interim controller position for a variety of clients for a longer period of time. She then specialized more and more as an accountant. After which she made the switch to a combination of her own accountancy firm, working as a Registered Accountant and an ad interim position, in order to work additionally for LIOC and to provide financial advice as a chartered accountant advisor.


Since 2015, she has been strengthening the team at LIOC as Financial Manager, ad-interim. She plays an important role in the field of financial and tax matters within LIOC.


She also fulfills a board position at the Ministry of Education, Culture and Science, Onderneming Contact Waalre, as a result of which she is actively involved with many Brabant entrepreneurs.


If you ask which brand Marjo finds special, it is: “Spa Rood®. You ask for Spa Rood® and then receive a sparkling water from a different brand. I find that interesting, where is the turning point for a brand to become a soort name?” Marjo van Doormalen.


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