Marthe van Pijkeren


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  • European law
  • Transfers
  • Contracts
  • Patent law


Marthe is progressive and a real all-rounder. Her personal characteristics are characterized as ambitious and result-oriented.


She studied at Maastricht University where she obtained her Master’s degree in European Law. As an art lover, she was subsequently admitted to the Faculty of Cultural Sciences in the Master’s program Arts & Heritage. She also graduated there a year later. Law and Art have proven to be an excellent combination for her career in business; the organisation, development and management of projects are therefore no stranger to her. Intellectual property is the interface between Art and Law and is the common thread throughout her career.


She gained her first work experience at various galleries in the Netherlands. After working in the art world for several years, she stayed abroad for a longer period of time to see more of the world. After her return to the Netherlands she made her return to the law at LIOC in Helmond.


Since 2017, she has been strengthening the team at LIOC as, acting as a contact person between the client, the patent attorney and the various authorities. She is experienced in all formal and legal aspects in national and international patent proceedings. She can now call herself a certified Formalities Officer.


In addition to the legal aspect, Marthe is also responsible for the day-to-day running of the administrative department of LIOC in her position as Operations Manager. She is also involved in online marketing and optimization of the IP management system. Marthe strives for quality and improvement within LIOC, whereby the client always comes first. She therefore believes that personal contact with clients is of great importance.


If you ask which patent or brand Marthe finds special, it is: “the patent that patents the preparation method of a crunchy sushi roll. This case illustrates well how broad patent law actually is and what is possible”. Martha van Pijkeren.


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